To the whole new world
at JemoPharm A/S

Our company

As part of The Whole Company A/S, JemoPharm A/S has a renewed identity.

All of our own herbal remedies and supplements have been gathered under one brand, VitaCare®. During 2014 and 2015 our well-known herbal remedies and supplements were given their new identity under the VitaCare® umbrella.

The story

JemoPharm A/S has historically been known for launching innovative herbal remedies and food supplements. The Whole Company wants to continue this focus by continuously developing nature-based products that both meet the consumers’ needs as well as meet the ever changing and increasing regulatory demands that affect our industry.

In JemoPharm A/S we find ourselves on an important mission: We want to be leading supplier of natural remedies for treatment and prevention to the Danish pharmacies and healthcare stores.

The food supplements and herbal remedies in VitaCare® are exclusively sold in Danish pharmacies and healthcare stores – where consumers receive qualified advice.