A full service company

JemoPharm A/S provides contract manufacturing of tablets and hard gelatine capsules.

JemoPharm A/S provides contract manufacturing of tablets and hard gelatine capsules in the categories of food supplements, herbal products, and pharmaceuticals. JemoPharm A/S offers the entire value chain, from procurement of the required raw materials to delivery of finished products in the desired packaging – containers of different types and/or blisters in various shapes and sizes.

JemoPharm A/S is authorised by the Danish Medicines Agency and the Food & Drug Administration for the production and sale of pharmaceuticals and supplements. The company holds a GMP certification, and all products are thus manufactured according to GMP.

As Jemopharm A/S also market own products, we also offer advice and inspiration to our customers in relation to legislation, markets and customers.

For further information about our contract manufacturing, please do not hesitate to contact Mikael Mohr.

Contact Information

Mikael Mohr
Direct number: +45 20 85 21 11
E-mail: mmo@jemopharm.dk