Jemopharm brands

A range of food supplements and herbal remedies

Since the founding of JemoPharm A/S in 1986, our focus has been to develop and manufacture nature-based pharmaceuticals, herbal remedies and food supplements of high quality. Today our own pharmaceuticals, herbal remedies and food supplements are all marketed under the brand name VitaCare®.

Our range includes a number of well-known herbal remedies including:
VitaCare® for the prevention and treatment of mild recurrent urinary tract infections. In addition, VitaCare® includes a number of food supplements, among others VitaCare® Cranberry Strong, VitaCare® C-Long, VitaCare® Q10, VitaCare® Garlic Long Plus and VitaCare® Maidenhair Tree.

Our production site is located on a small Island in Denmark, Møn. Surrounded by the Baltic Sea with its many bays and salt marshes, the white Cliffs of Møn, beech forests, green pastures and agriculture, nature serves as a constant source of inspiration to us by linking past and present, tradition and modernity.