A pharmaceuticalcompany in Denmark

Since the founding of JemoPharm A/S in 1986, our focus has been to develop and manufacture nature-based pharmaceuticals, herbal remedies and food supplements of high quality.

Our company is approved by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. We develop and manufacture our own products, and we offer contract manufacturing services to other companies.

Approximately 2/3 of our turnover is thus generated through sales and services outside of Denmark, which makes us proud. Common for all of our products and services is that they are manufactured within high standards of quality.

Since 2011, JemoPharm A/S has been a part of The Whole Company A/S. The Whole Company A/S is a holding company housing some of Denmark’s most well known brands. The Whole Company A/S is a 100% Danish-owned company.

Our brands all have their own unique characteristics. A common factor, nonetheless, is that they are all a little bit healthier alternatives compared to competitive products in the market.

In our portfolio you will find our brands Castus, Trope, Heidelberg and Fredsted The. As well as within JemoPharm A/S, our focus is on high quality. Almost all of our products are manufactured in our own factories and packing sites.

The Whole Company‘s headquarters and packing site is located in Køge, whereas the rest of our production is located in Vadum, Northern Denmark, and Stege, South-eastern Denmark.